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Wall bracing is the installation of steel ‘H’ beams vertically from below the footing depth to joist height in the basement. These steel braces add enough resistance strength to the wall that the soil expansion can no longer move the wall inward. The floor is cut out at each brace location to expose the footing and the soil beneath it. A footing pit is then dug to install the base of the brace. The steel braced is then installed in the footing pit location, double bolted to the joist above and encased in concrete at the base. The floor section is then replaced and the gap between the wall and braces are filled with grout to spread the pressure equally along the brace surface. If the walls need to be replaced they would also be excavated, a temporary support system put in place and the damaged wall removed and a new wall would be installed and tied to the existing footings and walls. The wall would then be sealed and backfilled.

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The wall(s) where the bowing is occurring will need to be braced (full height steel beam grid) or fortified from the inside (Kevlar carbon fiber strips) to prevent further inward movement; excavated and pushed back in place in some sever cases, or replaced if the movement has been allowed to continue for a long enough period of time that the wall(s) have become unstable.

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